University of Arkansas Campuses Vote To Implement Mask Rules

Old Main on the University of Arkansas Campus

Photo: Getty Images

University of Arkansas system campuses are being directed to implement a new "face covering policy" after a vote from the trustees on August 11th.

U of A System President Donald Bobbitt told trustees that the policy "effectively goes back to using CDC guidelines," and that the resolution would direct campuses to implement the new face covering policy "regardless of vaccination status." This resolution states that guidance should be "in accordance with CDC guidelines," and will be implemented in public settings where social distancing cannot be assured.

While this isn't being considered an actual "mask mandate" from the college, it has come under pressure because of the state's current stance on masking in public places. If the current anti-masking law passes the current lawsuit, UA System attorney JoAnn Maxey says that, "the way that it's written, it gives us the flexibility to do whatever needs to be done."

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