Arkansas Now Offering Incentives To Get COVID Vaccinations

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The Arkansas Department of Health has a new way to encourage Arkansans to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus by offering up some interesting incentives like a free fishing license and other items.

According to, Arkansans can use their vaccination card to choose between a fishing license, a hunting license, or a $20 scratch-off from the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.

Who is eligible to receive an incentive for getting the vaccine?

Those who receive a COVID-19 vaccine following the effective date, May 26, 2021.

Can those who receive a second dose after the effective date still receive an incentive?

Yes – if a first dose was received prior to the effective date, but the second dose is received following the effective date, that individual may still claim an incentive. Any individual who receives a COVID-19

vaccine following the effective date may claim an incentive.

Will those who receive a two-dose series following the effective date receive two incentives?

No – each individual may only claim one incentive for receiving either a first or second dose following the effective date.

Are those who were fully vaccinated prior to May 26, 2021 able to receive an incentive?

No – only those who receive a vaccine following the effective date are able to claim an incentive.

What are the incentive options?

Option 1: A $20 Arkansas Scholarship Lottery scratch-off ticket (the $1 Million Spectacular). Additional information on this scratch-off can be found at

Option 2: Two $10.50 gift certificates with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. These two certificates can be redeemed for the Resident Wildlife Conservation License (HNT) OR Resident Fisheries

Conservation License (FSH). Additional information on the hunting license can be found at and additional information on the

fishing license can be found at

How many of each incentive option will be initially available?

50,000 scratch-off tickets and 50,000 gift certificates. Depending on demand, additional incentives may be purchased and made available.

How can an incentive be received?

Those who receive a vaccine after the effective date can take their proof of vaccination card to any of the Arkansas Department of Health Local Health Units (LHU) across the state to receive an incentive.

Local Health Unit locations can be found at

Do individuals have to receive their vaccine at a LHU to claim an incentive?

No – individuals can be vaccinated at any vaccine clinic across the state. To claim an incentive, they should bring their proof of vaccination card to the LHU that is most convenient to them to receive the

incentive option of their choice.

Do qualifying individuals under the age of 18 have the option to select a AR Scholarship Lottery Scratch off incentive?

No, individuals under 18 years of age may only receive AGFC Gift Certificates. They cannot be issued a lottery incentive.

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