Police at Ohio State University say they don't think there was more than one person who carried today's attack at the university's campus in Columbus.  Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs said it's still being investigated. 

University police chief Craig Stone said that the attacker drove up onto a curb and struck several pedestrians, and then started assaulting people with a butcher knife. The suspect was killed by a police officer.  

So far there's no word on the motive behind the attack, but Stone said there's no doubt it was done on purpose. Terrorism has not been ruled out.  

Nine people were taken to the hospital.  One of them is critically injured, while the others are in stable condition.  Police say there is no indication of multiple suspects.  

A student who locked herself in a bathroom spoke to iHeartRadio station WTVN in Columbus, OH said that she heard gunshots and a whistle. After the shots, she said people started running in all directions. 

Video taken from the scene shows a heavy police presence and what looks like a body under a white sheet. 

Photo: Getty Images