Apocalyptic Reaction to Trump’s Threat to Close the Border

RUSH: The Drive-By Media -- leading the Democrat Party -- is now having a fearful reaction to the president's threat to close the border this week. I wonder why the president's thinking about doing that, by the way?

At any rate, the reaction that they're having, "This will be an economic catastrophe! It will be a calamity! It could cost us a million and a half dollars a day," or some such thing. What about the economic catastrophe of what is happening, the economic disaster that is happening? You might say, “What do you mean economic disaster? The economy's going great guns.” It is, but it's under pressure at all times.

Do you remember it was just last week and the week before that and the week before that that the Democrats were making jokes out of Trump's emergency executive action? “It's not an emergency. This is the president violating the Constitution. There isn't any crisis.” Now you've got former Obama administration people admitting that what's happening on the southern border is an out-of-control crisis.

We don't have any space to detain people. The asylum program is being bastardized beyond any intention we ever had for it. Here's a stat for you. The United States of America is home to 20% of the world's refugees and migrants. Now, folks, that was never intended to be, that has never been the intention of American policy. We have never had an open borders policy as sanctioned American law. All of this is illegal.

We're getting to the point now with new caravans coming that some people are saying that even Trump's wall would not stop this. I frankly don't believe that. But that's how anti-wall the Democrats are. But even now just weeks after joking about Trump declaring a national emergency, now a bunch of Democrats are out there saying that it is. Now, red flags go up when this happens because I don't trust Democrats when Trump is in the equation ever and at all, so I'm still plowing through that.

But the economic calamity from closing the border? How about the economic calamity of the Green New Deal? How about the economic calamity of your standard, ordinary, everyday Democrat economic policies, for crying out loud? How about the economic calamity that was two terms of the Obama presidency? But that's what they're trying now, and the Drive-Bys are echoing it or at least they're starting and the Democrats are echoing it.

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