Lance Armstrong's Son Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 16-Year-Old

Luke Armstrong, the son of cyclist Lance Armstong faces accusations of sexual assault with a child stemming from an incident in south Austin in June 2018.

An affidavit accuses Armstrong, 21, who was 18 at the time of the alleged incident, of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old after a party, KXAN reports.

Armstrong's attorney, Randy Leavitt, denied the allegations and claimed Armstrong and the victim were previously in a consensual relationship at the time of the alleged incident. Leavitt also said the Armstrong family is supporting Luke and is working to gather evidence to present to the district attorney to dispute the accusations.

“What occurred three years ago in high school was not a crime and was not a sexual assault. It was a consensual relationship then and continued consensually between two young people with both ultimately going their separate ways,” Leavitt said via KXAN. “These charges should not have been filed and certainly not three years later.”

According to the affidavit, the victim recounted the incident to police in November 2020, claiming she asked Armstrong to pick her up from a party after she had been drinking and didn't remember riding in Armstrong's truck, but did recall waking up on a couch at a house where Armstrong lived and being sexually assaulted.

In a December 2020 phone call between the victim and suspect, Armstrong reportedly admits to having sex with the victim at her father's home, although police say the incident happened at a home in the 1700 block of Windsor Road, which matches the address of a house Lance Armstrong put on the market in March 2018 and sold three months later.

Leavitt denied that sexual contact between Armstrong and the victim only happened on the night of the alleged incident and said the two continued their relationship for several months.

“It wasn’t a one-time thing,” Leavitt said via KXAN. “They had something of a relationship going on for a brief period of time.”

The Austin Police Department interviewed multiple individuals connected to the victim with most claiming she was sexually assaulted, though one friend did claim the sex was consensual, according to the affidavit obtained by KXAN.

Leavitt confirmed Armstrong was granted and released on a personal recognizance bond Tuesday (April 6) and his family is fully cooperating with the district attorney's office as Leavitt works to gather evidence in relation to the case.

Photo: Austin Police Department/KXAN