At least 13 people are confirmed dead and over 100 more were injured after a van was driven through a crowd in a terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain.  The attack happened in the popular central tourist district of Las Ramblas. Images taken in the aftermath showed people lying lifeless and others being attended to by bystanders.  Video from the scene shows emergency crews tending to injured people in the street.  Many of the victims are motionless and sprawled at odd angles, and the street is spattered with blood. 

The regional president of Catalonia says two people have been arrested in the attack so far. A local newspaper is reporting Barcelona police also killed a suspect in a shootout. Spanish media has identified one of the suspects in custody as Driss Oukabir, but police have not confirmed that identification.  While his role in the attack is not known, there are reports that he rented the van that was used.  

ISIS is reportedly claiming responsibility for the deadly attack.  Multiple media reports say an ISIS-linked news agency claims "soldiers of the Islamic State" carried out the van attack.

In Washington, DC, A White House official says Chief of Staff John Kelly is keeping President Trump advised on the attack. Kelly is in close contact with U.S. counter-terrorism and national security officials who are closely-monitoring the situation.

President Trump condemned  the terrorist attack, saying the U.S. will "do whatever is necessary to help." Speaking directly to the people of Barcelona, he adds "be tough and strong, we love you!"  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sent a message to terrorists following the attack.  At a conference with Japanese leaders, he said terrorists will be found and brought to justice.  He also offered condolences to the victims of the attack.  

Spain is no stranger to terrorism, as a group there linked to Al-Qaeda was responsible for one of the biggest terror attacks in Europe.  In 2004, a series of coordinated bombings struck the commuter train system of Madrid, resulting in nearly 200 deaths.  

Terrorists have also used vehicles as weapons over the past two years.  In June of this year, a van drove into a group of pedestrians on London bridge.  The attack was attributed to Islamic extremists.  In July of last year, a cargo truck was driven into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France.  ISIS took responsibility for that attack.