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We now present “Austin Mahone’s BIG Day At The DMV” or “Why You Should Never Live Tweet Your Driving Test.”

Every day in the live of the 17-year-old “Second Coming of Justin Bieber” is a big day! Pray, why is this particular Wednesday so worthy of your caps lock?

Austin…you really shouldn’t tweet about things that you might fail. Besides, think of all the #Mahomies who will skip school today to feverishly knock on wood and stroke rabbit tails.

Well, we kind of saw that coming. You jinxed it, old chap. Better luck next time!

Bravo, Austin! You’ve managed to make light of a tragic situation. Now, let’s sign off of Twitter and try again some other...

You’ll get ‘em next time, buddy. Just, please, don’t live-tweet it?

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