Miami Heat superstar LeBron James has proven his mastery of the NBA time and time again, from his statistical dominance to his recent excellent performances in the pressure-filled postseason. It sometimes seems that there is nothing James can't do on the court. Whether it involves guarding a point guard, throwing a skip pass to an open shooter, or scoring himself, LeBron will do it well.

LeBron's success on the court has always gone together with a desire to assert himself in other areas of celebrity. Now that he carries the glow of championship basketball, those other forays into the world of entertainment might become a little more possible, as well as widely accepted.

So, it appears that James is working on at least one track of rapping. In two short videos posted to Instagram on Tuesday, LeBron showed off his flow over the beat from Jay-Z and Kanye West's "N----- in Paris" (NSFW language) off their "Watch the Throne" album. Listen for yourself after the jump (viaFor The Win).

First, here's LeBron introducing himself as "the kid King James" and giving a "shout out to the Four Horsemen," which could be a reference I am too uncool to place.

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