The heartwarming reactions of deaf people being given the gift of sound through new technologies and surgeries is something that doesn’t seem to get old. So here’s yet another.

This time, a 3-year-old boy from North Carolina received a first-of-it’s kind surgery for a child in the U.S. where he was given an “auditory brain stem implant,” WBTV-TV reported.

Although some deaf patients are given the ability to hear through a cochlear implant, this didn’t work for Grayson Clamp who was born missing cochlear nerves.

The microchip now in Clamp’s brain is part of a trial at the University of North Carolina Hospital in Chapel Hill.

Clamp’s mom said they don’t know what exactly her son is able to hear, because the technology is so new. But based on WBTV’s footage showing his father saying “daddy loves you,” Grayson clearly hears something.

“It’s been phenomenal for us,” Len Clamp, the boy’s father, told the station.

Watch WBTV’s report with Grayson responding to hearing his father’s voice:

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