(NEWSER) – The Detroit father whose missing son was found behind a barricade in his own basement could face charges, police say, but it's not clear whether they will be related to the 11-day disappearance of 12-year-old Charlie Bothuell. Sources tell Fox that the boy was home-schooled under a strict regimen that included beatings with a PVC pipe, and investigators have removed evidence including bloodied clothing from the home. Investigators say the boy didn't appear to be captive behind the barricade, but they don't believe he could have erected it himself. Police didn't find him on four previous searches of the home and it's not clear if he was in the basement during those visits. His father—who was being interviewed by Nancy Grace when he was informed his son had been found—says he had no idea that Charlie was in the basement.

WATCH: Father Finds Out His Son Was Found LIVE on Nancy Grace

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PHOTO: Detroit Police Department